Friday, August 12, 2016

Return To La CABA 2016 - Part 5: The Planetarium And The Purge

It was our last day in Buenos Aires, but since our bus wouldn't arrive until 10 p.m., we had way too much time to kill.

We knew we wanted to head to the planetarium, but we figured it couldn't hurt to indulge in some KFC one last time.
Of course, we couldn't leave without getting a smoothie from Wendy's either.
After recovering from a brain freeze, we headed towards the planetarium. 
 Our legs were just about to give out when we saw the dome building in the distance. We'd made it!
The Galileo Galilei planetarium had three levels. They currently charge $70 Argentine pesos ($4.77 USD) per person to go in. It's a pretty cool place to visit if you're a science buff, or you're into space stuff. If you're wondering what the dome on top is, it's a theater with a 360 degree projector that shows the audience a spectacular representation of the stars. Of course, if you've been to a planetarium before, you'd expect nothing less.
 Alright. We'd seen enough and decided to head back towards the mall. We still had about 6 hours left to kill.
 I found this tourist group and decided to tag along for about a block. Funny enough, no one noticed.
 Along the way, Zach decided to go Vanna White on me.
We'd walked a lot over the last five days, and our legs and feet were rewarding us with excruciating pain. So we took advantage of every bus stop we saw and sat down to rest.
B.A.s Botanical Garden was beautiful. I'd been dying to go to one. Since it was free, we took a quick look around, but didn't stay long.
It was our last day, and we were really tired, so naturally we got on each other's nerves now and then. 
So we decided to go watch "The Purge: Election Year". We had to wait an hour and a half for the movie to start. So we found some interesting ways to entertain ourselves.
I'm sure Daniel wouldn't mind just this once.
The Purge movie was suspenseful, but not nearly as suspenseful as realizing that we needed to head to the bus station before we missed our bus. 
Given the rising cost of just about everything, it might be awhile before we visit B.A. again. Actually, I want to go to the 2017 B.A. Comic Con, but that'll depend on who the celebrity guests are. This year they had Robert Englund, aka Freddy Krueger and Billy Boyd, one of Frodo's Hobbit friends, whose name I can't recall. Zach definitely wants to travel to Tierra Del Fuego or some other province we haven't explored. For now, it's back to our host province of Cordoba.

Until next time.

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