Monday, July 22, 2013

How Expensive Are Baby Items In Argentina

No! I’m not talking about buying one from the black market.

What if you were planning to move to Argentina for work or to start a new life, but you have a baby or a toddler? You’d have to bring their crib, their play pen and who knows what else. Wouldn’t it be easier to simply by all this baby stuff again once you’re in Argentina?

In terms of simplicity, yes, it’d be easier to buy baby furniture here, but be warned! It will burn a hole in your pocket.

My spouse and I have been talking about adopting a child within the next three to four years. So we decided to start looking at the cost of baby furniture in Cordoba and here is what we found.

A crib like this costs 675 Argentinian pesos at Walmart, which is roughly 123 US dollars.

 A high chair like this costs 399 Argentinian pesos, which is 73 US dollars.

A play pen costs 1,099 Argentinian pesos which is 201.24 US dollars.

A stroller can cost anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 Argentinian pesos, depending on the quality, which is between 183 to 549 US dollars.

Huggies Diapers can run you anywhere from 69 Argentinian Pesos to over a 100, depending on how many diapers come in a bag. In US dollars, this would be about 12.60 to 18.30 US dollars, perhaps a bit more.

A car seat will run you about 1,499 Argentinian pesos, which is about 274.36 in US dollars.

Pacifiers are as low as 25.90 in Argentinian pesos, which is the equivalent of 4.74 US dollars.

Baby bibs are 15.99 Argentinian pesos, which equals to 2.92 in US dollars.

You can always search for cheaper baby furniture at which is Latin America’s version of eBay. Then again, it’s a gamble. You aren’t guaranteed the quality of what you’ll get. Like with eBay, you’ll just have to go on faith.
As far as the health of your baby's concerned, you won't have to worry about costly medical bills, vaccinations or medicine. Why? It's simple. You have the option of free healthcare in Argentina and you can take advantage of these free services regardless of whether you're a resident or a foreigner.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cordoba's Neighborhoods - Video Tour

Watch the Video
 July 9th was my 36th birthday, which happens to also be Argentina's Independence Day. So I figured, as long as I'm out and about, let me do a video tour showing some of the different neighborhoods in Cordoba Capital.

If you totally missed the video above which I slaved over to produce, please take some time and watch it. :-)
I've also taken the liberty of sharing a few photos of my birthday.

A boy's never too old to celebrate by shopping ;-)
The bottle's not even open yet and I already look wasted

Monday, July 1, 2013

Product Price Comparisons in Argentina vs the U.S.

Trix Cereal = 26.75 Argentinian Pesos = 4.97 USD
Ham and Cheese Sandwich – 46.90 Argentinian Pesos = 8.71 USD

Power Rangers Action Figure = 369.00 Argentinian Pesos = 68.52 USD

Doll House Sets – 320.00 Argentinian Pesos = 59.42 USD

Hello Kitty – 189.00 Argentinian Pesos = 35.00 USD

Ben 10 Book Bag – 409.00 Argentinian Pesos = 75.95 USD

Board Game – 329.00 Argentinian Pesos = 61.00 USD

 84.90 Argentinian Pesos = 15.74 USD

 1,099 Argentinian Pesos = 203.71 USD

I was floored by the prices here during my first few weeks in Argentina. Then I did the conversion to U.S. dollars and realized that most items, especially food, are relatively affordable. Toys and electronics are usually the most expensive. Also, please keep in mind that the pricing conversion is based on the current cost of U.S. dollars as of July 1st, 2013.