Sunday, December 16, 2012

Reasons You Need Apostilles In Argentina And How To Get Them

Apostilles legalize foreign documents like birth certificates, marriage licenses, high school diplomas, College Diplomas, student transcripts, and background checks. I highly recommend that you get your documents apostilled and notarized in your home country before coming to Argentina. You will need them if you want to apply for residency, attend a university, and possibly work. Without an apostille, your documents are worth less than toilet paper in Argentina.

When I first started searching for ways to get my documents apostilled, I tried searching for companies in the U.S. in order to get our documents done via mail. However, this would have been too expensive. Most agents who handle Apostilles enjoy taking advantage of an expats' desperate situation.

Where To Get An Apostille
Unfortunately, I can only answer for the United States, though the answer might be similar for any other country in the world. In the U.S., you can acquire an apostille by going to city hall. At most, you'll spend 50 U.S. dollars per document, if that. You'll have to get your documents notarized before getting an apostille.

What Happens If You're Not In Your Native Country
If you are already living in a foreign country, you can send an affidavit authorizing a family member, like a spouse, to act on your behalf in order to get your documents apostilled and notarized. Keep in mind that the affidavit must be notarized and legalized before sending it abroad through some form of express mail service.

Can't I Get An Apostille From A U.S. Embassy?
U.S. embassies will not provide apostilles.

What To Do Afterwards
Once you have successfully gotten apostilles for your documents, you will need to have them translated and legalized in Argentina before presenting them to immigration or the university.
In Conclusion
I cannot stress enough the need to avoid agencies that want to charge you 88 dollars, 200 dollars, or 300 dollars to put an apostille per document. Be wary of agencies that feed on your fear. If you however, feel that you have no other choice and need to get this done immediately, then by all means, use an agency. In the United States, UPS can do it for 188 dollars per documents and charges 300 dollars.

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