Monday, August 13, 2012

Sightseeing In Carlos Paz and Alta Gracia

This weekend, my folks, my spouse, and I went on a short road trip to Carlos Paz. I've travelled all along the U.S. east coast many times, but I always missed the chance to see mountains. I take that back. I saw mountains in upstate New York, but the sights in Carlos Paz were breathtaking.

Afterwards, we headed towards Alta Gracia. There is a great deal of beautiful farmland between Carlos Paz and Alta Gracia.

Alta Gracia is considered a "Pueblo" or a small country town. Like Kansas (or Smallville if you're into Superman)

There is a church in Alta Gracia that was founded in the early 1500's. It is a historical site. If you visit, you will notice that the architecture, including the wooden doors to the church have remained untouched, even after several centuries. I am not a church going person, but I was impressed by how ancient the building was. One of my cousins was actually baptised in this church.
There are street vendors near the church grounds as well as stores, restaurants, and ice cream parlors. There is a park right by the church too where families go to relax and enjoy a picnic.
Next to the church you will find a tourist center.

Throughout Alta Gracia you can expect to find a variety of statues that commemorate historical and mythical figures as well as a head statue of the legendary Eva Peron (not pictured).

So whether you're migrating to the province of Cordoba or are simply visiting, Carlos Paz and Alta Gracia are two stops you definitely want to make.

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